PCF Insurance Services and East Coast Insurance Group Form Strategic Partnership

PCF Insurance Services (PCF) is pleased to announce the completion of a new partnership with East Coast Insurance Group, located in Nokomis, Florida. PCF’s investment will enable East Coast Insurance Group the opportunity to cross-sell with other PCF agencies for more comprehensive coverage for families and businesses in the communities of Florida and East coast states.

Cindy Fraser, owner and agency principal of East Coast Insurance Group, will continue to lead all operations while becoming an owner and Partner of PCF Insurance Services. Fraser started the company with a vision of leading the automobile sales and services industries vertical. She takes pride in knowing her customer’s needs and providing them with proper coverage to ensure their assets are properly protected.

“We are thrilled to partner with the East Coast Insurance Group team and to continuously establish our footprint in the transportation industry,” said Peter Foy, chairman, CEO and founder of PCF Insurance Services. “This partnership integrates our agencies in a way that will provide unparalleled transportation servicing to our clients and prospect.”

East Coast Insurance Group will operate under its current autonomy with best-in-class auto and transportation insurance offerings and quality customer service. It will continue as a proud member of the regional and nationwide business community, including working with significant blocks of customers like auto recycling, towing, and auto sales and service.

“We knew we wanted to reach next level growth and partnering with PCF helped us recognize that potential” said Cindy Fraser, owner and principal of East Coast Insurance Group. “We have achieved our overall vision but want to continue to grow with the help of PCF’s national infrastructure.”

PCF will bring added infrastructure and operational support to East Coast Insurance Group through its Shared Services team. This elite team of experts offer tailored support in the areas of finance and accounting, human resources, information systems, carrier relations, communication and marketing, and growth operations. With 36 acquisitions in 2020 and over 60 agencies dotted across the United States, PCF is establishing its place on the national stage among the industry’s most active acquirers.

Learn more about East Coast Insurance Group here: https://ecinsgroup.com/