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Meet our visionary leadership team who are propelling our ambitious growth trajectory, as well as our entrepreneurial Agency Partners whose collective industry knowledge and experience bring world-class benefits design, insurance and risk management services to clients across the country.

Peter C. Foy

Founder & Chairman

Felix Morgan

Chief Executive Officer

Jenni Lee Crocker


Peter Nettesheim

Senior Vice President, Data & Technology

Jeff Hutchins

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Rocky Steele

Senior Vice President, Legal & Compliance

Ryan Stradling

Vice President of Finance, Shared Services

Brandon Gray

Vice President, Treasury

Minas Kourouglos

Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions

Dan Goodwin

Vice President, Carrier Relations

Kirk Benson

Vice President, Operations Benefits

Bryan Baker

Regional Vice President,

Reggie Reiter

Regional Vice President, Northeast

Natalie Fitzgerald

Regional Vice President, Southeast