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Meet our visionary leadership team who are propelling our ambitious growth trajectory, as well as our entrepreneurial Agency Partners whose collective industry knowledge and experience bring world-class benefits design, insurance and risk management services to clients across the country.

Peter C. Foy

Chairman, CEO & Founder

Felix Morgan

Chief Financial Officer &
Chief Operating Officer

Jenni Lee Crocker


Peter Nettesheim

Senior Vice President, Data & Technology

Jeff Hutchins

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Dan Goodwin

Vice President, Carrier Relations

Ryan Stradling

Vice President of Finance, Shared Services

Ryan Bateman

Vice President, Finance

Brandon Gray

Vice President, Treasury

Colleen O'Hara

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Charlie Banyai

Vice President, Agency Operations

Kirk Benson

Vice President, Operations Benefits

Mike Green

Vice President, Technology