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From farm to table, our Agency Partners help you mitigate risk throughout the agricultural supply chain. Modern agriculture is automated, global, regulated and complex. Supply chain constraints, labor challenges, and foodborne risks are among some of the concerns facing businesses in this sector. PCF Insurance Services provides a full menu of insurance solutions and risk management services that address every aspect of operating an agriculture business. Our partners are specialists in agriculture, ranch and crop.



Cannabis is a multibillion-dollar industry crossing over various sectors, including health care, consumer goods and agriculture. The ever-evolving and expanding market presents significant opportunities along with specific risks that require customized insurance solutions. Our cannabis insurance agents are well versed in the various insurance and risk management needs of a cannabis business, including product liability, workers compensation, general liability, crop insurance, equipment breakdown insurance, group benefits, commercial fleet coverages and more. PCF Insurance agencies specializing in cannabis coverage will put together a comprehensive plan that covers loss prevention, compliance considerations, necessary coverages, potential future exposures and more.



Managing a construction business in a dynamic market with supply and labor challenges calls for an air-tight risk management plan. From workers’ compensation to bonding, leverage PCF Insurances market intelligence, carrier relationships and industry knowledge to protect your business and propel your growth. Our construction insurance specialists work closely with all major sectors of the industry including general contractors, carpenters, electricians, concrete contractors, excavation contractors, home repair services, remodeling contractors and more. While contractors across the board face similar exposures, we understand that your trade and project types come with unique liabilities that we address in a comprehensive risk management program. 

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Like other businesses, educational institutions have employee-related liabilities, payroll, continuity, property and casualty, and specialty insurance needs. However, in this modern world, the education industry is facing emerging risks, like cyber ransomware and travel risk management for study abroad programs. PCF Insurance assesses your needs to develop a customized solution that will protect your students, your employees, and your infrastructure.   

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Financial Institutions

From fintech to multi-national financial institutions — the modern financial landscape introduces a complex set of risks that demand industry expertise. PCF Insurance Agency Partners focused on the financial industry space stay on top of the latest regulations, security exposures and trends. Our research and data-centered approach to designing products ensures that financial companies are prepared for what’s next.  We serve firms focused on banking and capital markets, insurance, investment management, fintech, and financial services.  



Continuity is critical in healthcare, and so is prevention. Your organization is caring for others, but who’s watching out for risks that could disrupt your ability to deliver services? Rely on a PCF Insurance healthcare specialists as an advocate and advisor. We design tailored risk management programs that include hospital and physician liability, employee benefits liability, coverage for employed and contract physicians, fire damage, medical payments coverage, and we protect against financial loss that could occur in event of a lawsuit. We bring a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and its increasing regulation, which can result in billing error allegations and HIPAA violations can be addressed in an all-encompassing insurance solution. We go beyond writing policies and partner with our healthcare clients to help them mitigate complex risks and identify opportunities to grow.

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Employees, supplies, foodborne illness, worker injury, property damage — these are just some of the risks hospitality operations face. Any one of them could severely disrupt or close down a business. Partner with a PCF Insurance Agent expert who can offer a menu of resources and insurance solutions to protect your people, property and guests who patronize your place of business 

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With today’s global manufacturing industry, you need an experienced insurance advisor who can build a tailored plan addressing risks ranging from supply chain to intellectual property, digital assets, workplace injury and beyond. The face of manufacturing has changed drastically, and our experts are invested in understanding trends, data and opportunities for clients in this space. That includes training, mitigating workers’ compensation costs, protecting intellectual property and more. 



The Marine industry comes with a unique set of complexities. We’re deeply invested in the industry we serve, and our team of trusted marine industry leaders are committed to finding solutions for any “storm” you may face. We provide the coverage needed while laying the groundwork for product development, custom services and other growth initiatives in the marine industry. From boat dealers and marina operators to manufacturers and ocean cargo liners, we focus on custom insurance programs that are competitive and scalable to strategic business plans. Let us help you get complexity covered with specialized solutions to help your business stay afloat.

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By getting to know the ins-and-outs of your professional services business, our Agency Partners can design a tailored risk management program with errors and omission coverage, property/casualty solutions and employee benefits/liability programs. Our legal practice insurance solutions protect attorneys from financial repercussions if your law firm is sued by a client. PCF Insurance Agency Partners have a deep understanding of the specific exposures you face and will design professional liability coverage, including insurance for errors and omissions, based on the type of practice you operate.   



Real Estate

Whether you manage multi-tenant properties or oversee a hotel, you’re inviting in guests. With that comes risk, from property damage to flooding and beyond, not to mention, the need to protect your business interests. A PCF Insurance Agent specializing in commercial real estate can blend policies geared towards your unique needs. We will create a comprehensive risk management program that aligns with your real estate goals and safeguards your properties.  

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The dynamic transportation industry has evolved with logistics technologies, the introduction of more last-mile delivery and demand for drivers. Are you a wholesaler with a fleet of commercial trucks? A limousine driver? A cross-country carrier? A towing company? From training concerns to reducing accidents, a proactive insurance advisor will design a program that protects your people and assets and prevents exposures from becoming costly losses.   

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