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Transportation Insurance

Keeping your business moving as your trusted risk advisor

From wholesalers with commercial truck fleets to cross-country carriers, and from limousine drivers to towing companies, the transportation industry is as diverse as it is dynamic. PCF Transportation, acting not just as an insurance broker, but as a dedicated advocate, brings expertise to help you navigate the unique challenges and concerns of this industry.

Assisting Diverse Transportation Segments

Our services extend to a wide array of key sectors in the transportation industry, including:

  • Class eight heavy tractor trailers
  • Heavy dump trucks
  • Fleets (10 power units and above)
  • Non-fleet (1-9 power units)
  • Box trucks, mile and sprinter vans
  • Towing services

Whether you own a large fleet or a single power unit, we help you find the right insurance solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

A red semi-trailer truck driving down a highway.
A closeup of a truck driver seated in their truck holding onto the steering wheel.

Support in Choosing Insurance Solutions for Transportation

We have expertise in a range of coverage options for the transportation industry. Leveraging our extensive knowledge, we assist you in choosing the right coverage among:

  • Truck liability
  • U.S. Customs: C2 custodian of bond and merchandise bond
  • Canadian highway carrier bond
  • Physical damage
  • General liability
  • Excess liability
  • Excess/umbrella workers’ compensation
  • Occupational accident
  • Cargo
  • Loss control and risk management (mostly for fleet)
  • Safety services (required for non-fleet)

Providing Peace of Mind

At PCF Transportation, we understand the worries that can keep you up at night:

  • The risk of one big claim that can put you out of business
  • Unannounced Department of Transportation audits
  • Driver shortages
  • Increasing fuel prices
  • Regulations around driver alcohol/drug use
  • Economic fluctuations
  • Compliance with U.S. Customs regulations

We're here to help you weather these challenges, ensuring your business is protected and prepared for any scenario.

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Thought Leadership and Regional Presence

We aim to be more than just an intermediary—we aspire to be your trusted advisor. We can guide you towards membership in notable transportation associations like the American Trucking Association (ATA), the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), and state-specific trucking associations.

Our services stretch across the nation, customized to the unique needs and regulations of each region.

Insuring the Future of Your Transportation Business

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