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Real Estate Insurance

Helping to protect your commercial and residential properties
like your own home.

Whether you’re the landlord of a commercial property or a residential dwelling, real estate insurance can help protect you and your tenants against damage or injuries caused by natural disasters, fires, theft or vandalism, and other risks.

What is Real Estate Insurance? 

Real estate insurance sometimes known as habitational insurance is comprehensive coverage for owners and landlords of commercial residential properties, like hotels, condos, apartments and multifamily housing, and other rental properties. Most habitational insurance policies include standard coverage for general liability, property and environmental-impairment liability. Depending on your unique needs, more coverage can be added to assist in covering every crevice and corner.

Habitational insurance can help you protect your property, and that includes interior property as well as equipment repairs, medical bills and legal fees with general liability coverage. If you’re unsure of which type of habitational insurance and its coverages are right for you, PCF insurance professionals are ready to help. 

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Types of real estate insurance 

Self-storage insurance 

When someone stores their items, they want and expect them to be safe. But sometimes, the unexpected can happen. Whether it’s a break-in, fire or flooding, the most locked-down items can still be at risk. PCF’s habitational insurance can include self-storage insurance, which can help you and your renters in the long run if an accident or emergency does happen. Help keep your storage units and their occupants safe and protected with this special coverage. 

Multifamily housing insurance

When you become the landlord or property owner of multifamily housing like apartments and condos, you’re suddenly in charge of not one tenant, but multiple, and that includes their surroundings. It’s important to not only keep their humble abode up to date with code and safety requirements, but also the community spaces like hallways, leasing offices, garages or parking lots, pools, playgrounds, sewage and the general property. Multifamily housing coverage will help you handle risks including weather-related damages, wear-and-tear and tenant-caused accidents. 

Rental properties insurance

Sometimes referred to as landlord insurance, rental properties insurance can protect you from financial loss if you’re a landlord or property manager and owner of any rental property that isn’t your own home. Like our other habitational insurance options, this coverage can protect against loss of rent income, tenant damage, weather damage and legalities. 

Why habitational insurance is important

Habitational insurance is comprehensive, which means when the need arises, you’ll be prepared for any situation regarding your rentals. It can be used for all types of situations with your rental commercial properties, including hail damage, explosions, vandalism, fires, theft, wind or inclement weather storms, pollution, building codes, equipment repairs, water damage, loss of income and vehicle damage—imagine having to cover this all on your own. With PCF’s habitational insurance offerings, you have someone on your side and ready to help you with multifamily housing claims, self-storage claims and other rental property claims. 

The risks of not having real estate insurance

What would you do if a tornado ripped through your town and caused significant damage to your properties? What if one of your tenants had a small fire in their kitchen, or maybe their storage unit was broken into? How about if multiple rental properties had air conditioners go out in the thick of summer? If you didn’t have habitational coverage as part of your insurance, you’d be responsible and likely have to pay out of pocket for any of these repairs. With commercial habitational insurance as part of your coverage plan, you’re adding a level of protection to your rental properties and helping to take care of your future—just in case.  




How the cost of habitational insurance is determined 

Like your tenants and clients, each property has different needs, and with owning or managing numerous properties, you’re taking a chance in upkeep and risks or losses. The cost of habitational insurance depends on the type and condition of the property, the location and crime statistics in the area, current market conditions, the deductible and coverage chosen by the property owner, and the owner’s loss and claims history. To get affordable rates for your properties, one of our experienced PCF brokers can help you find and customize a policy specifically for you and your situation.  



What losses are covered by real estate, or habitational, insurance?

Your coverage is determined based on your unique needs for the properties and businesses you own. Some common loss coverages include general liability, errors and omissions, professional liability, business personal property insurance, workers’ compensation, cyber liability, employee benefits and tenant discrimination insurance. 

These insurance solutions could cover losses incurred from natural disasters like earthquakes or storm damage, medical expenses, fire damage, flood damage, litigation, cyber breach, vandalism, theft and more. Your coverage is unique to you and your business. That’s why it’s important to work with an insurance professional to make sure you’re fully protected.

Is real estate insurance required?

While not legally required to own a rental property, it is highly recommended and if your property is backed by loans, many financial institutions will require you to have it. With PCF Real Estate, our insurance professionals can work with you to find a policy that is tailored to fit your needs and budget. 

Who needs a real estate insurance policy?

Anyone who owns rental commercial or residential properties can benefit from a real estate, also known as habitational, insurance policy. 

How can a landlord reduce risks with real estate insurance?

Real estate insurance is an extra step in property ownership and management that can save you time, money, and energy if and when things go awry. 

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